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High End Knives: William Henry Pocket Knives

High End Knives: William Henry Pocket Knives High end knives from William Henry are knives made for those with discerning taste, and a big wallet, but are they worth the price? You decide. Most of us who have a working or tactical relationship with our knives would be a little resistant to the thought of a folding knife costing more than 100.00 or 200.00 dollars. For many, probably most of us, that would be in the upper range or maybe even out of range. You can pick up a great American made Case or Buck that will function flawlessly for farm and ranch use, or for hunting or defense for 50 bucks give or take. You could pick up a good fast opening light weight “tactical” knife from one of these or another company specializing in such knives for about the same, and certainly under 200.00 as well. Some of us might even top out at the 3 or 4 hundred dollar range for that “just right” tactical knife that is so fast to deploy that one might think it had read the bad guys mind before he e