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J.B. And Son Knives

J.B. And Son Knives Jonathan Bolton is the owner operator of J.B. And Son Knives, producers of high-quality custom made knives in the little town of Lindale in East Texas. Jonathan is known for his custom worked blades and scales, both sometimes made from odd and exotic materials, including a recent knife forged from a 1951 Harley Davidson piston rod! What a great and unique idea! Jonathan Bolton and J.B. And Son Knives In his own words I am going to let him tell his story, and his businesses story in his own words, You will want to read it because it is an awesome story for several reasons: ‘I have only been making knives for about 4 years, I started in 2013 the first year or so I was selling under the name bushcraft and metal works. When my son was born I changed the name to what it is today. My father is a knife collector so I grew up with knives being a pretty big deal. I got my first knife at the age of 6, it was a Swiss army knife. I have always been an avid hunter and ou