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Case Copperlock

Case Copperlock Case Copperlocks are great little thin Lockback knives. This short video will tell you a little about them plus show you a variation from the normal Copperlock blade type. Please note the video is upside down.

Case Stockman Knives

Case Stockman Knives Knife size For the purpose of testing I tried to get knives of nearly the same size from all For the purpose of testing I tried to get knives of nearly the same size from all makers tested. Turns out that that is not completely possible. The “large” stockman knives from Buck fall between the Case large Stockman and medium Stockman. I chose a Case large Stockman and a medium Case Stockman for testing. Country of origin Since all Case knives are made in the United States, I had no foreign version with which to compare them other than those made by other manufacturers. I will do those comparisons after I am done with the initial articles. Blade material I chose knives with stainless steel since all the other knives we are comparing are stainless steel by default. Handle scale material I chose bone handle scales since I wanted bone handled Case Stockman knives for my collection. I will note here and elsewhere that as a matter of sheer practicality, I consider

Case Wharncliffe Mini Trapper

Case Wharncliffe Mini Trapper I purchased a Case Wharncliffe mini trapper through Shepherd Hills, Case’s largest distributor. The knife came with yellow Delrin handles and the Wharncliffe style blade was of stainless steel. In my search for the perfect all purpose blade, I have come to the conclusion that the Wharncliffe blade is as near to perfection as can be when performing all knife tasks. In truth, it does most tasks better than the blades that were designed specifically for each task! Read more about that in this post: Blade Style: Wharncliffe | One Folding Knife One Blade, Your Choice? A little background is needed: I have been a Case knife owner and fan since I was about 5 years old! I know that sounds a little crazy to the modern mind, but it is true and was not all that uncommon in rural America 5 or 6 decades ago. Hey, when I was a kid you could order guns from Sears through the mail! Times have changed! I have long been a serious fan of Case pocket knives, and have even

Unleashing the Power of Pocket Knives: How Case Pocket Knives Can Be Your Best Companion

  Unleashing the Power of Pocket Knives: How Case Pocket Knives Can Be Your Best Companion As someone who has carried a pocket knife for more than 60 years, I can attest to the versatility and usefulness of this small yet mighty tool. A good pocket knife can come in handy in countless situations, from opening packages to cutting rope to slicing an apple, and maybe even saving your life! When it comes to pocket knives, there are few brands as well-respected as Case. In this article, we'll explore the history of Case knives, the benefits of using a pocket knife, the allure of American-made and collectable knives, the various types of Case pocket knives, how to choose the right one for you, and how to care for your knife.  The History of Case Knives Started in 1889 by four brothers in upstate New York, the Case company has been producing high-quality knives for over a century. While they originally focused on selling knives to farmers and outdoorsmen, their reputation quickly grew and