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Drop Point Custom Camp Knife | J.B. And Son

Drop Point Custom Camp Knife from J.B. And Son: a review On this page, I will review the drop point custom camp knife from J.B. And Son custom knifemaker from East Texas. Let’s start with the basic stats and specs for the drop point custom camp knife: Specs: Blade Material: 1095 high carbon steel. Blade Length: 5″. Grind: Flat. Handles: Shop made burlap micarta made with polyester resin with yellow poly spacers Pins: Stainless steel cutlery rivets that are countersunk and pressed into place. Gimping: Filed thumb grip. Very attractive file work. Spine: 1/8th” wide with a 90-degree grind for fire starter. Lanyard: Extension of full blade tang protruding from handle end in an attractive fashion. Please do remember this concerning the drop point custom camp knife: Because these are hand forged custom knives, the specs may have slight variations which are a part of any custom knife. Your’s will be unique to you! I have been carrying the knife for a week or so now, and have