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High End Knives: William Henry Pocket Knives

High End Knives: William Henry Pocket Knives

High end knives from William Henry are knives made for those with discerning taste, and a big wallet, but are they worth the price? You decide.

Most of us who have a working or tactical relationship with our knives would be a little resistant to the thought of a folding knife costing more than 100.00 or 200.00 dollars.

For many, probably most of us, that would be in the upper range or maybe even out of range. You can pick up a great American made

Case or Buck that will function flawlessly for farm and ranch use, or for hunting or defense for 50 bucks give or take. You could pick up a good fast opening light weight “tactical” knife from one of these or another company specializing in such knives for about the same, and certainly under 200.00 as well. Some of us might even top out at the 3 or 4 hundred dollar range for that “just right” tactical knife that is so fast to deploy that one might think it had read the bad guys mind before he even approached. That is not most of us, though.

What if money was no object?

But, what if, what if money was no object? What sort of knife might you choose to obtain? Would you commission your favorite knifemaker, maybe Boz or Onion to make you a one of a kind piece? Well, of course, you would! That would be great! Now, you can sit back and wait several years, and it would be worth the wait, but in the meantime, it would also be worth your trouble to take a look at a seemingly unlikely source:

William Henry!

William Henry specializes in high-end products for men. Some of us might not want to wear a bracelet or a chain, or may not ever need cuff links or tie clasps, but if we were so inclined, this is the sort of stuff that doesn’t leave one looking like he has run out of testosterone because he wears it! I am talking about the sort of products that real cattle branding, chainsaw using, construction working kinds of men like us could appreciate! In fact, I am pretty sure that most men would like some of their products, but what I really appreciate about them is that they have not gone soft on the gentlemanly art of the pocket knife!

High End Knives High Quality Workmanship

Knives as expensive as these would generate some high expectations for a high level of craftsmanship! The craftsmen associated with the William Henry brand do not disappoint! Each knife is carefully and meticulously custom-crafted with the skills of fine blacksmith joined to the exacting detail of a fine jeweler!

Rare And Unique Materials

William Henry high end knives are made of some of the finest and most unique materials on the planet. Most have one pattern or another of Damascus steel blades with bolsters from Damascus steel, or Titanium, or silver, or gold inlaid exotic materials, with handle scales made from everything from fossilized mammoth tooth on the terrestrial side, to meteorite on the extraterrestrial side and other exotic materials in between!

Are these simply for display?

I would question the practicality of using most of them for butchering a deer, but some would seem to be fine for doing so. Others I would want simply for the sheer artistry of the pieces. I am certain they would function well in any circumstance, but the fact is that something that attractive should be admired and displayed. These high end knives are also high quality practical works of art!

Some models do seem to be more practical than others and would lend themselves easily to everyday carry and use.

William Henry Pocket Knife Types:

  • B02 – MORPHEUS Safe button lock system, sterling silver clasp and necklace. Blade 1.75″, Handle 2.25″, Overall open 3.90″
  • B05 – MONARCH Variations from one specific knife to another. Overall open length from 5″ to 7.19″
  • B06 – VENTANA Blade 2.50″, Handle 3.13″, Open length 5.60″
  • B09 – KESTREL Blade 2.13″, Handle 2.88″, Open length 5.00″
  • B10 – LANCET Blade 2.75″, Handle 3.63″, Open length 6.38″
  • B11 – PERSIAN Blade 2.50″, Handle 3.13″, Open length 5.60″
  • B12 – SPEARPOINT Blade 3.06″, Handle 4.13″, Open length 7.19″
  • B30 – GENTAC (short for gentleman’s tactical) Blade 3.25″, Handle 3.80″, Open length 7.00″
  • C15 – ROGUE Blade 3.88″, Handle 4.63″, Open length 7.75″

*Let me make a short disclaimer here: There are other knife types available from some dealers, and some of these types and the individual pocket knives within these categories probably come and go. This list is not comprehensive, nor is it any sort of guarantee that the product categories listed, or the knives within those categories will be available at any given time.

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